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Survey Reveals Shortcomings in Oral Health Habits

According to a survey recently released by Delta Dental, almost seven out of every 10 people in the US brush their teeth twice a day. However, it is alarming that more than 30 percent of Americans are not brushing enough.

It is common for most people to brush twice a day, once in the morning and once at bedtime. The survey revealed the average brushing time to be one minute fifty-two seconds. The American Dental Association recommends two minutes.

It was found that, on average, African-Americans brush longer than do other Americans, and that younger adults, ranging in age from 18 to 24,  spend about 16 seconds longer with their toothbrushes than do adults.

The survey also shows 23 percent of Americans going longer than two days without picking up a toothbrush, with 37 percent of younger adults fitting into this group.

Flossing habits need the most work with only four out of 10 of people flossing once per day and 20 percent never flossing. The study shows a strong correlation between flossing and good oral health.

Oral Health Division in America

The results of an online survey in July indicated that in the United States, access to adequate oral care is split along financial and demographic lines. Individuals living in urban areas, students, younger adults, and people with incomes less than $50k, forgo routine dental appointments owing to lack of adequate finances or insurance.

Among those 2,088 adults surveyed, 92 percent perform daily brushing, but fewer than half include any additional hygiene such as flossing. Further, of those surveyed, only 56 percent eat a healthful diet and 25 percent admitted to smoking cigarettes.

A campaign that began early in the fall highlights the importance of oral health vis-à-vis proper dental hygiene. To reduce the disparity between Americans, the initiative aims to increase overall awareness on the importance of proper oral care, regardless of finances, location, or age. Moreover, the campaign emphasized that oral health directly influences overall health, and thereby a social responsibility to educate the government and the public on the correlation.

A second event combined the efforts of major oral health authorities to augment awareness on the importance of proper oral hygiene within national low-income areas. To encourage oral health policy changes and mitigate disparity in oral care, dental health professionals met with Congress members.

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